By | July 22, 2018

One has to put in mind that pricing of the airline is just like any other business. Sometimes when you are in a plane it is quite good to ask your seatmate the amount he or she paid for the plane ticket. Don’t get surprised just because you hear your seatmate is telling you less amount of ticket fee. Therefore, airlines price each and every ticket to maximise profits. When you are in a plane you may think that all of you paid the same amount of ticket but that may not be the case. Just like in the charter flights, this makes a gap on the fare ticket airline. There are a number of reasons why your seatmate may have paid so much cheaper than you. The reasons are as follows.

  1. Time of ticket payment.

It is true that when you buy a ticket late, there are chances of you paying more than normal. It is quite a good idea when one is supposed to travel, he or she should buy it just at least two or one week early. So if you enter into a plane and get that your ticket is different from your seatmate, first just confirm on the time you bought your ticket. You will get that you didn’t buy your ticket early.

  1. The seat supply and seat demand.

Airlines have become sticklers when it comes to the time of capacity controlling seats. Sometimes it happens that the staff to take a flight have changed, it happens that a change in flight has opened up a chance for more seats. A good example: when a small plane is replaced by a bigger one, here there are more seats which are available for that flight. In order to compensate for these seats, they must be sold at lower prices so that they could fill the capacity. More explained in this post:

  1.  Competition

When there is a lot of competition, you could get that the plane tickets are sold at lower prices so that you will get customers. You cannot just be firm on the exact amount of the ticket because you will end up not getting customers. This cases happens mostly in the private jet charter. When there is competition, you will get that the flight tickets are much cheaper as compared to when there is no competition. This is so in order to avoid the case of the plane going with empty seats.

In conclusion, when one is taking a flight, it is quite normal to get that your seatmate paid less ticket money than yours. There are people who also tries to do some comparison before they decide on the type of flight and plane to take. For example, there are individuals whom their take a flight at any time and this on the other side it forces one to pay a higher amount of ticket than others. It is advisable to book a flight so that you will not be charged higher amounts of the fees.

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