By | September 23, 2017

Flying with mainstream airlines may look like an opportunity to save some cash, but in real sense, it isn’t. In business time is money, and getting somewhere in time could mean new business ventures that will steer the company finances upwards. Private jet charter companies are the ideal means of transport for busy individuals.

Advantages of Using Private Jet Charter

So how can private air charter help busy corporate and non-corporate individuals?

You dictate when to leave

If you hire a private aircraft, you are the boss. Once you have paid for the airplane, you can dictate when you depart. Obviously, you would have to give reasonable notice of say at least an hour. Now compare this to the standard operators. Can you imagine them holding up a plane for a few hours because someone is late? I think not!

Flexible Schedules, Cleaner Itineraries

As suggested above, flexibility means cleaner itineraries. This means you can depart when and where you wish, but you can also return when you wish. Private charter flights can allow you to attend to an emergency meeting and reschedule your trip.

Meetings can go on for longer than expected so if you fly with a commercial airliner, this would mean you need to book a hotel for the night. Not only would you have to fork out for an expensive hotel but you would also waste the next day as all your executives flew back.

No More Travel Headaches

Not only is the private jet charter flexible but it also means you can avoid delays. Today flying by regular carriers means you are subject to industrial action, delays, and loss of luggage. All this equates to one massive headache rather than the pleasure that flying should bring.

Increased Security (Without The Delays)

Today the increased security at airports has added to delays. You now have to arrive 3 hours in advance for international flights. Owing to the added security, you have to join long queues as you wait for your baggage to be x-rayed.

When traveling with empty leg flights, you will either be alone or with a handful other individuals waiting to be scanned. The inspection process should take a few minutes, and you’ll be good to go. Regarding your safety, private air charter uses regional airports rather than international landing spaces which are target points for terrorist gangs.

Keeping Your Affairs Private

Knowing who you are traveling with and flying from an exclusive private jet charter lounge has its advantages. When you fly by air charter, you are guaranteed privacy and confidentiality. This is why royalty, celebrities, and heads of industrieschoose this mode of transit. Mainstream airports tend to be crowded by journalists and paparazzi who can’t get enough of your statements.

A More Personal Service

Lastly, air charter also gives you greater personal service. The privileges include smaller groups, regional airports, flexible schedules, and some level of authority on how you would like the service modified to your needs so you can get the best service possible.

Do you love the benefits provided by charter flights companies? If yes, then feel free to use them whenever you have a trip. For more info:

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